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[Tricks] Change Bedroom Interior Pregnant

Changing pregnant bedrooms ideally matched to the needs and conditions of the mother during pregnancy. Here are some important points about pregnancy related tips and tricks closely with interior rooms.

Girl's room in pink walls with white bed and wardrobe

If your morning sickness (nausea and vomiting). Make sure the bedroom gets the maximum abundance of fresh air. For that, the circulation of air in the room should be maintained. If you use air conditioning, turn off every morning and open the windows wide open so that a change of air. Get rid of items that do not need to keep the room feel more spacious. Keep the items that accumulate into a closed container to reduce the accumulation of dust.

When the smell sensitive. During pregnancy, certain smells that had never bothered, now causing nausea coming. Get rid of items that can cause odor as musty or other odors, such as carpet and rug. Replace bedding set once a week. If possible, replace the curtains with non-fabric materials, such as wood blinds. Generally, after entering the second half of pregnant women have a preference for a particular fragrance. Try to keep your scent presented through aromatherapy or room deodorizer. Place it near the air flow, such as air conditioning or near a window. But still, try to be not too sharp fragrance. With a nesting instinct (nesting instinct). The desire to increase the comfort goes hand in hand with gestational age. Closer to birth, instinct is increasing. Add home atmosphere in the room, such as installing decorative knick-knacks such as paintings on the wall, a picture frame or a vase of flowers on the side of the bed. Make the room more cozy atmosphere by adding the local illumination angle light. The options can be table lamps are placed on a bedside table or standing lamp in the corner.

When you go to the bathroom frequently, especially at night. Create adequate lighting and easy access to and from the bathroom to get rid of items that can interfere with circulation; there is also a good idea to adjust the height of your bed. Enlarged abdomen is often difficult for the mother to go up and down the bed is too high or too low. For that, make sure the bed height fitting or replace wooden bed with bed frame and foam-covered upholstery – currently found in many furniture stores.


When the mood up and down. Hormonal changes often cause maternal mood quickly changed. Entering the third semester, many expectant mothers from tough move because the content is increasingly become heavy. Strive rooms can accommodate the needs of expectant mothers by providing extra space and greater privacy, such as increasing the size of the bed, providing a place to put my mom’s knick-knacks that can improve your moods, such as books, MP3s, or knitting equipment. Prepare breakfast tray in the room to address the appetite may be impaired. In addition, change the feel of the rooms to be more gentle and calm with changing the color of the walls to pastel colors or earth colors.

When back pain. The greater the gestational age, the more often the mother suffered from back pain due to the load in the stomach affects the spine. Provide supporting furniture such as sofas one seated completely with mounting feet so she can straighten your body while reading or relaxing in the room. Later, this sofa can be useful when mothers want to breastfeed. Do not forget to provide the soft cushions and ergonomic back support while sitting or sleeping.

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