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A Few Useful Tips On How To Get The Best From Any Carpet Cleaning DIY Exercise

The prime uses for any carpet cleaning DIY exercise are ensuring that your carpet gets an extended life and it also can be made to look cleaner and well cared for. However, besides restoring and also cleaning the carpet, it also helps in preventing damage to the carpet and making sure that you use house slippers or walking socked when stepping on your carpet can help prevent damage to your carpet. What’s more, it is better to follow these simple tips than walking with shoes that bring with them harmful things such as sand, oil, and dirt as well as dog deposits that may have accidentally become trod on.

Regularly Vacuum The Carpet


The main problem with getting dirt and sand onto your carpet is that they are like abrasives that will only end up damaging your carpet’s fibers and thus should be avoided as much as possible. In fact, a good first step in carpet cleaning DIY is to regularly use a vacuum cleaner to clean your carpet though you should avoid using liquid shampoos at the same time because that will not be easy to rinse off, and if shampoo remains on the carpet, it will become sticky and thus attract contaminants.

When considering this method, you must also choose to use a dry vacuum cleaner that is readily available on the market today and which will act as an ideal substitute for shampoos. If, however, you notice leftover shampoo on your carpet, you can use another cleaning alternative which is to use vinegar that is effective in doing a good job of cleaning your carpet, or you can even hire a shampoo machine to do the job for you.

Another DIY is to avoid rubbing the stains since that will result in damage to the carpet’s fiber and it may also cause the stains to spread further, both of which are not at all desirable. You would, in fact, be much better off if you do not rub the stains and instead blot them and you can try novel ideas such as using shaving cream to remove food stains and this can be achieved if you apply and then leave the shaving cream for thirty minutes after which a good rinse with some vinegar and water should remove the pesky stains.

You can also use club soda to remove stains caused by spilt red wine, while another useful carpet cleaning DIY tip is to be careful about using brake cleaners to remove stain because though they contain certain chemicals that are used in dry cleaning, it may result in some damage to your carpet. Also, you can use alcohol to remove ink stains and this is possible by blotting the stains and waiting thirty minutes before blotting once more in order to remove the stain.

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