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The house exterior colors and Equipment

The house is a palace for the owner and the color will bring the luxury and elegance of the palace. If a particular color feels cramped and dull, can be changed with a brighter color so it will seem spacious. It is undeniable that the color of the exterior appearance of the house can add to its beauty. There are certain colors that will give a certain impression. For example, the white color will create a luxury home will look more luxurious and magnificent. Colorful will give the impression of fun especially when it comes to shopping.



Color not only shows taste but contains certain values. For example, the color red for the ethnic Chinese, which means the source of prosperity or earthy colors for the Bedouin community as part of a tribute to the ancestors and other colors. In the world of communication, color is part of the communication aspect, so that people will receive the impression of a certain color and a certain purpose, and does not happen with other colors. In connection with this the house exterior colors and interior colors as well, which is not a simple matter. When you expect a certain impression, and then do not choose the wrong colors for the home exterior and interior colors.

The white color is suitable for a large house with magnificent architecture and luxury that surrounded the park is also quite spacious. Mixed colors gray and white can also be applied to large houses. But if you want to have a peaceful impressed, creamy color in different variants can be used for exterior house colors.


Minimalist house is also not a problem if you want to be painted gray. But if it can be combined with other colors, such as bright yellow so that there is an impression that makes the house look bigger.

In terms of color psychology, a leading paint company with a superior product on the market using the brand Dulux for example, now provides multiple outlets with an expert exterior and interior, so before you apply a specific color for your home, can consult it first, so the color will be used in accordance with the character of your own. Thus you will be much more comfortable at home.

For houses that natural design and is surrounded by lots of trees, a dark brown color and a bit of light green may be more suitable. Colors and shapes fence should also adjust the color of the house.

To better support the design of a natural home, a fence made of wood will be more attractive. If not made of wood, but can be made of concrete covered with vines. The house certainly will increasingly look beautiful. Coupled with the canopy which is also covered with green plants.

But natural home like this requires extra care especially to maintain the plants do not become wild plant and equipment in accordance with the original intention. Some people who want a natural home is still letting the vines here and there, and more and add shade and beautiful. If you are indeed a kind of person, so it’s okay. Exterior color of the house is not so many choices. To support the impression of a natural, peaceful and green, it is not just any home exterior colors that can be applied.

A growing number of people who dare to show his exterior colors using bold colors that make a house like that color candy houses. For example, pink, orange, purple, red, green, and a mix of yellow, green, and red. Courage is certainly making housing more colorful hue. It never hurts to give a special impression to the exterior color.

A colorful house

A colorful house

Exterior house colors did express the character of its inhabitants. So, do not be too afraid to try variations of colors for the exterior of your house if it is in line with your own character. In choosing exterior house colors, you can try to look at paint color samples available in the catalog. Only original color catalog is often different when applied. Thus, it is better you ask more detail how to keep the colors in the catalog remains the same when you apply to the outside wall of your house. If there is paint color trends when applied to decrease or younger than the existing color in the catalog, then you can outsmart a way to choose a color that is a little older than the number in the catalog, so that when applied will be in accordance with the actual color you want.

Garage is not the subject matter that must exist in a house. But if he is capable and able to make the garage, it is not a problem. Forms will further support the existence of a garage of a house and not destructive to the design of the house when it is made with more organized.

For example, wooden garage door, rolling door is not made of aluminum. Even if not able to make a closed garage, carport with color can make a customized pergola with exterior house colors. It would be beautiful again if given the pergola of vines.

But if the pergola is made or predominantly wood elements, be careful in choosing the vines because they can accelerate the weathering of wood pergola.

Parks is the completeness of the exterior of the house cannot be forgotten. Shape of the park in accordance with the design and the exterior color will add to the beauty of the house. When you cannot design your own, it is better to communicate with the professionals who can provide a better service. For a small house with a gray, small garden with a small fountain will add a beautiful house.

The park is more of a green color course displays suitable for larger homes. If the house is rather small, the better to make a garden that has a wider range of colors. This is so that people pay more attention than a tiny garden. Home exterior color combination with the completeness of your own home, it would be mutually reinforcing but not infrequently also the fact collided. Then the wise step you can do is to look at the models in magazines, so that you yourself can feel whether the form sills, door shape, the shape of the windows, door handles, pergola, garden and other elements in accordance with the character and pleasure you or not. In the end because the house is self-owned, shelter you and your family, then the first must be comfortable with the exterior color is your house and family. Do not just chase you want to look modern, beautiful and spacious, you choose the exterior color of the house that are tailored to the prevalence of general and family while you yourself actually feel uncomfortable.

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