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[Tricks] Change Bedroom Interior Pregnant

Changing pregnant bedrooms ideally matched to the needs and conditions of the mother during pregnancy. Here are some important points about pregnancy related tips and tricks closely with interior rooms.

Girl's room in pink walls with white bed and wardrobe

If your morning sickness (nausea and vomiting). Make sure the bedroom gets the maximum abundance of fresh air. For that, the circulation of air in the room should be maintained. If you use air conditioning, turn off every morning and open the windows wide open so that a change of air. Get rid of items that do not need to keep the room feel more spacious. Keep the items that accumulate into a closed container to reduce the accumulation of dust.

When the smell sensitive. During pregnancy, certain smells that had never bothered, now causing nausea coming. Get rid of items that can cause odor as musty or other odors, such as carpet and rug. Replace bedding set once a week. If possible, replace the curtains with non-fabric materials, …

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