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How To Fix Water Heater Problems?

We all know, water heater is a device which is used to heat water above its normal temperature, usually above 140 degrees. Now there are countless manufacturers in the market, and they provide different varieties of water heaters. I think it’s better to go behind the quality rather than quality, so always choose the leading brands, such as Philips, Jaquar etc.

Sometimes a branded heater also shows problems, if you fail to give proper maintenance to your heater. Here in this article I wish to discuss some common water heater problems and its remedies.

Avoid multiple sources

Avoid tapping multiple sources to your heater, because the supply can easily run out and you may need additional time to refill it again. So try to heat only a limited amount of water at once, and use warm water for relevant purposes.


Allow heater to heat

If you are using a water heater which was in use for a long period of time, then the water heater may not work well as you intended, as a result heater may take too much amount of time to make the water hot. So avoid using water for a continuous time, once the device is empty, refill it again and wait till the water get heated.

Proper maintenance

Regular inspection of the heater is necessary to make sure that the device is running without any problems. But most of the people don’t consider it until it stops working. Once it stops, then they immediately call up a plumper or technician to fix the issue. I think this is a bad approach, because you can easily handle most of the water heater problems yourself, and thereby you can save your hard earned money.

Plumber at work

Regular checking helps to detect water leakage if any. Moreover, the heater thermostat needs to be adjusted regularly depending on the outside climate for better performance.

The gas supply should be checked at least twice a month to ensure no leakage is there in the supply. An imperfection in the supply declines the performance of your device. Besides this, regular inspection helps to locate water leakage if any. Sometimes your heater gets corroded and will end up in the complete failure of the device, to avoid this regularly clean your heater using a brush or cloth.

That’s all the information I had about water heaters. Thank you!

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